Something Positive

I think I have had a string of negative posts so I need to write something positive so I am not a negative nelly. So here I go...

Something Positive

The End

The Great Chicken Hunt

So I went to Chicken Republic the other day to get some great food. Turns out that undercooked fries, greasy, soggy, lackluster chicken doesn't cut it. So I am embarking on The Great Chicken Hunt. Where can I find some good, crisp crispy fried, southern fried, chicken covered in some type of fattening batter, reminiscent of Dixies in Lagos? All suggestions welcome. Family member (singular) that means you, as the only official reader of this blog.

Some Seoul Music: Clazziquai 'Tell Yourself (Japanese Version)' one of my all-time favorite K Artists. From their new album. Cannot Wait!

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