The Great Chicken Hunt: Part Deux!

So, way back when I was a dilligent blogger (ha!) I posted about the great chicken hunt and the fight to find a good joint that serves some great chicken. In the mean time I've:

Stormed out of a Chicken republic because they could not be bothered to serve ice-cream that did not have a hollow in the middle. That would be the one at the end of Ligali Ayorinde close to my my (now ex) NYSC local government.

I'm done with NYSC!

Gone on holiday to the best city on the West African coast. I was kinda disappointed 'cos they took like but 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon is not too bad, and really the inverter was working so all I had to do was walk down and plug myself in.

I'm eating less. I realise the more stressed I am, the more I eat. I need to break the cycle.

I still procrastinate so that means my that the above point is probably moot. I will get to it. Eventually...

Back to the point. Papaye still has the best chicken, hands down. Tasty, succulent and has tasted the same since 1995. There is a reason quality control exists and why people stick to it. Because it works. And it keeps you coming back for more. Like I plan to do over, and over, and over again...

btw The Chicken republic on Awolowo road has the best icecream so far.


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