In the GH

Hey, so it has been like four months since I last posted anything on this page. Woswa! In between the internet going all FUBAR (urban dictionary is your friend) on me and just getting so busy, I really haven't had the time. But now that I have been royally screwed over by my boss, it is time to be your typical Nigerian worker and spend most of her time doing nothing.

I am currently on holiday in the GH my home away from home, and my trip here has taught me a few things.

1. Nigerian Airlines suck. The Arik flight I was on left an hour later than it should with no announcements as to why it happened prior to us boarding. On the plane we were given the lame ass excuse that the plane had been "delayed" from its previous journey.

2. I (heart) Ghana Mucho. There's light, I can brush my teeth with water that comes straight out the tap, and while the internet might be slow, at least it is consistent and doesn't just cut off for no apparent reason, leading to near suicidal thoughts.

3.I really get along well with kids. They seem to gravitate towards me. Probably 'cos I'm so awesome ;)

4. There's ALWAYS electricity...

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